Our Customers

Here you can see some of our loyal and satisfied customers


  • Mario Rašić (Majke, Nina Badrić, Balkan ZOO Ensemble) - Precision bass 57';Humcancelling Jazz Bass 4,SOB5 - Soapbar bass 5
  • Mladen Munivrana (Meritas)- Humcancelling Jazz Bass 5
  • Mario Kopecki (Cota G4) - Jazz Bass V
  • Daniel Delao (USA,California) - Humcancelling Jazz Bass 4
  • Hrvoje Kujunđić(Grofova Garda)- Humcancelling Jazz Bass 4, Jazz bass 60',Telecaster pickups
  • Darko Mujić (Bajaga i Instruktori)- Humcancelling Jazz Bass 4
  • Josip Knežević Nesho - Bridge vintage Jazz bass with Precision bass 57'
  • Boris Sokol- Precision bass 57'
  • Zoran Špoljarić (custom Jazz bass in the tamburitza orchestra)

  • Dario Mihić - JMS / John Mayer special Stratocaster
  • Duško Sertić (T.N.T)- Stratocaster vintage set 59'
  • Dalibor Folnović - Stratocaster Texas special set with Hot Rail mini Humbucker Bridge pickups
  • Nenad Žabkar (Moslavačke Lole)- Telecaster set
  • Krunoslav Grđan (Boje Noći)- Stratocaster Blues special set with Hot Rail mini Humbucker Bridge pickups
  • Tomislav Horvat - PAF Humbucker

  • Also Here you can find some of the guitar builders who use our pickups.

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  • Nemec guitars
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    Our Mission

    We want to satisfy all of our customers who are looking for the perfect sound. It is our task to do everything as well as to improve our quality and product.