Our Services

  • Rewind & repair pickups
  • Custom orders
  • Replacement magnets
  • Replace wiring
  • Wax potting and repair electronic

About Dolezal Pickups

Dolezal pickups is started as enthusiastic repairs electric pickups for guitar, we can now say that we make our own models and use own parts, to give our customers the most innovative sound and above all, we will use the best wire in the world. We produce pickups for all kinds of guitars and all repairs and improvements sound for them.

Our story

After a long time working as an electrical technician, in TDK-EPCOS factory, making the piezo elements Actuators for the automotive industry and technical components like, SMD Ceramic Chip Capacitors, we then turned decisively in our own production guitar electronics. Closely linking the passion for music and electro technical skills, we created Dolezal pickups brand.

Workshop is located in a small industrial town in the center of Croatian and we are proud to produce high quality Custom Handwound Pickups - Made in Croatia.

Handwound pickups

We experimented several times to automate the coil winding process,but,by using CNC we were never able to achive consistency as we would by handwork. After lots of time and money, we concluded that hand-wound coils were better. Manualy winded pickups can have a richer harmonic voice, unlike machine wound pickups. We wind pickups at slowest speed with a lower capacitance and a slightly higher resonant peak to give more dynamics in the tone, more clarity and improved string definition especially at gain.

Leo Fender said: Personal attention to quality, and hand winding is what makes pickups sound great, no machine can wind a better sounding or tighter wind then a well trained person!

Rewind & repair

Except the broken coil, we rewind spools and will improve your sound pickups, whether they are standard wound or cheaper guitar pickup. Hand rewinds are done just the same as any other pickup I offer. Most mass manufacturered pickups still have good quality Alnico or Ceramic rods, and can be hand rewound to achieve an amazing tone. Repairs usually include broken coil wires near the eyelets - if the pickup will need to be rewind. We use the highest quality wire and components available in EU.

So if you have a pickup sitting in a box that you never liked, please send it along and I'll wind some vintage hand wound tone into it.

Wax potting

Potting the pickup removes any trapped air in the coil and helps to stop microphonic feedback at high gain. We use personal recipe, wax-potting process in a combination of beeswax and paraffin wax, by adding amount of beeswax in the potting process as it ensures the solidified coil is less brittle under cold temperatures, thereby making the chance of damage to the delicate coil wire far less likely. Also paraffin wax has a faster melting point. It is therefore the drawback of paraffin wax, as it dissolves more quickly when the instrument is left at a high temperature (for example, in a heated car in summer) while beeswax does not dissolve so quickly.

If your pickups coil grabs a lot of the feedback, we will do the repotting again and we will solve the problem.

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Our Mission

We want to satisfy all of our customers who are looking for the perfect sound. It is our task to do everything as well as to improve our quality and product.