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  • Rewind & repair pickups
  • Custom orders
  • Replacement magnets
  • Replace wiring
  • Wax potting and repair electronic

The perfection of sound
for all musicians customers!

Dolezal pickups are completely handmade and represent a highly individual, custom-made sound. One of the reasons why some of our customers are small-shop guitar-builders. High quality self manufactured parts, guarantees a brilliant, vibrant, and authentic tone from each of our pickups, because we strive for perfection.


Listen to sounds, Dolezal custom pickups on standard guitars.


08-09/10/2016The exhibition at the fair "Holy Grail Guitar Show In Berlin 2016", on Wreck instruments as holder, of our magnets.. ...

25/09/2015Cooperation for Wreck guitar builders. production agreements of soaps bars bass pickups and guitar humbuckers. ...


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Our Mission

We want to satisfy all of our customers who are looking for the perfect sound. It is our task to do everything as well as to improve our quality and product.